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MaloreesJuniorSchool23rd April 2015

OUR STORIES would like to thank Mrs. Giles and Mr. Phillips at our brilliant local Malorees Junior School, where there will soon be a round of story sharing in Year 5. This will be a first with the older age group and I am particularly excited to see how the the children will receive the project, what they will make of it and what kind of conversations it will inspire. Watch this space!

20th March 2015

OUR STORIES is again, very excited to have been invited by a fantastic primary school. This time it is Trevor-Roberts School in North London. We will be sharing stories in their reception class in tandem with an arts project next week. A big thank you to Anna Tribe, Rachel Shelley and all the parents and children, who will hopefully partake.

2nd February 2015

OUR STORIES is very excited to have been invited by the Reception year of Salusbury Primary School in Queen’s Park (thanks to Anne Connell) for a week of story sharing as part of their ‘growing’ theme.

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