Spread the Word at Your Children’s Schools!

The year is already drawing to a close, with children well into the second half of the autumn term. OUR STORIES has been taking a bit of a break, but is looking ahead to any prospective collaborations with primary schools across London. We would like to see more schools in Brent participate, not just because this is the home of OUR STORIES, but also because it is a fascinating and diverse borough with family histories stretching across most of the world.

We would also like to get the project considered eligible for funding under one of the exciting schemes laid out by the Brent Borough of Culture 2020 initiative.

OUR STORIES could be so much more, an archive of intergenerational storytelling, a collective way to bridge past and present, a spiderweb of connectivity across the cultures as well as being a source of tremendous inspiration and learning. There are many ways and ideas how to explore and showcase this important work further, but we need interest from parents and schools to make it happen.

So, if you would like OUR STORIES to visit your child’s school or you are a headteacher or teacher at a primary school in London, please get in touch under cosima@ourstoriesnow.com or via social media and spread the word!