The story so far…

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Throughout the spring term of 2014 year 2 children at Malorees Infant school in Brent shared stories by and about their grand-and great grandparents. Those stories told of evacuations from a war-torn England and long separations from parents, dramatic confrontations with enemies, food rations and how the war changed the lives of women forever. But they also spoke of childhoods spent as far away as Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, Colombia and Iran as well, closer to home, the origins of the Notting Hill Carnival.

At the end of term all stories were gathered in a book under the title ‘Our Stories’ which doesn’t just document a fragment of our community, but also forms the first part of what I see as a journey, or initiative, perhaps even a movement. We want parents everywhere to build bridges between their own parents and children to encourage the many special and educational stories from the past to be heard and preserved.